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Terms & Conditions


Parents are advised no advance payment should be given to the teacher. Delhi Tutors World will not responsible for fees/payment without proper receipt.
Parents are advised to take ID Proof of Tutor either from Delhi Tutors World or from Tutor himself. Delhi Tutors World will not responsible for any mishappening.
You should call at the tutors help line number +91 8585941424 strictly between 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday. There you’ll be given an appointment number and time. Once you get this information, report on the date and time given to you, with the following documents (original + Xerox), original shall be returned after verification.

Terms & conditions associated with tutors

  1. There is a membership fee Rs. 1000/- only valid for one year from the date of registration.
  2. The registration fee will not be refundable.
  3. Required Documents: Residence/address proof. Identity proof (must) and Two color pp size photographs.
  4. Commission: 50% for regular classes in first month and 20% in the second month only or 50% of 22 hours classes(Hourly Basis).
  5. The fee will be collected by the Delhi Tutors World in advance from the party after one trial. The tutors are paid after the completion of classes by the end of month.
  6. First Four assignments continuously are not converted then teacher will not be given fifth assignment.
  7. When a tutor is given any tuition, then it is the duty of the tutor to inform the Delhi Tutors World about the developments within 24 hours.
  8. The tutors will have to be punctual. If any tutor is not regular / punctual, then his / her registration may be cancelled. No registration fee will be refunded.
  9. The tutors are not allowed to discontinue any tuition, once started, before the end of annual exams. If any tutor does so, he/she will not get any tuition/assignment in the future and payment of the one complete month will not be done to the tutor as penalty.*